Countdown to Drupalcon!

Submitted by aburrows on Thu, 05/05/2016 - 09:51

So tomorrow I fly off to New Orleans, LA, USA for my FIFTH Drupalcon in America. I tend to fly out early to do a bit of sight-seeing and some sprinting, as well as catching up with my Drupal friends from around the world that attend.

So why do I keep going?

I see myself as a member of the Drupal community and the more people you know in the community the more help, guidence and great times you can have at a Drupalcon. The Drupal community isn't just a bunch of developers involved in Drupal, it's more than that, its friends new and old meeting up to work on the Open Source project they love DRUPAL!

I look forward to working more on Drupal 8, learning more on Drupal 8 and improving my skills in preparation for what I work on a Drupal 8 project. The sessions and networking is always great and so are the social events. I always like to help others in the Drupal community because one day they might answer my call for help. So every Drupalcon I volunteer as a sprint mentor, what this basically allows is new people who may of worked on Drupal for years, actually getting involved and contributing to the Drupal core or contrib.